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The international training center for  underwater activities and studies, rescue and environmental support is the largest project of the Archangelus Group. An innovative and audacious project that will bring to Brazil a concept of unification between sectors such as education (academic, professional, postgraduate and supervised practical training), tourism, healthcare, transportation, besides generating a significant number of direct and indirect jobs.

CISB - perspectiva telhado +piscina REV
CISB Fachada Perspectiva com logos Junho

The Archangelus Group intends to have the opportunity to work with partnerships such as the Armed Forces (Navy, Army and Air Force) and auxiliary forces (Military Firefighter, Civil Defense, Military Police, Civil Police, Federal Police and Municipal Guard) in the which concerns specialized, specific training for each area of practice (Tactical EMS, Basic First Aid, Aeromedical (Air medevac) Rescue, Advanced Rescue Swimmers, Advanced Rescue Divers and PSD). With the partnership between the Archangelus Group, the Aqua Lung Group and Divers University, we will be able to provide a level of service to the most recognized in the world for its excellence.

The concept of the CISB was created by Professor Raphael Lemgruber Msd in 2000 but it was in 2015 that the Architect Dr. Norma Batista and her team gave shape to the dream, and developed the approved facilities.

CISB will have dependencies in ways that have never seen in Latin America. With the Deep 60, that it is a 15-meter-wide, 25-meter-long pool with an average depth of 18 meters and a pitch of 5 meters in diameter, reaching a total depth of 60 meters, especially designed for various purposes with regard to recreational and / or professional trainings.

This pool will carry a system of artificial ripples/waves/swells, simulating the movement of sea waves, thus providing more realism to the proposed activities. Its project includes the construction of three (3) levels of submerged caves for basic, moderate and advanced training, as well as 02 (two) shipwrecks for simulation and realistic training. There is the possibility of using Deep 60 for TEC training, Trimix, commercial / industrial diving with welding and assembly specializations and training in apnea, providing a controlled and safe environment.

DEEP 60 was designed to be an integrated center for underwater activities, where more than 70 diving courses could be held. It will fulfill a range of requirements, and through it, besides presenting the deepest swimming pool in the world, we will provide the perfect environment for entertaining, sport, film / photography, social activities, among others. The CISB will be the first training center in Latin America to build and use 

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In addition to DEEP 60, simulators will be made available that will allow the use of real navigation and control instruments plus audio, artificial wind and rain effects, giving the training unprecedented realism.


In addition to the simulators for underwater training, the CISB will have a realistic training center in attendance of clinical and traumatic emergencies in partnership with LEARDAL, which will allow students to experience situations close to reality through the use of mannequins and robots of the latest generation.


Realistic healthcare simulations were designed in the form of flight simulators, through which common adverse situations are found. In the realistic simulation laboratories of the CISB through the use of controlled environments we intend to minimize for healthcare professionals, possible evaluation failures and conduct that could cause serious damages to the health of the patient culminating with the death of the patient.

The partnership with the company LAERDAL assures us the quality of any and all material used in the training courses of the Archangelus group.

Designed to be the safest ever built, the gas laboratory has been designed in such a way that its stations can recharge cylinders (compressed air, oxygen, EAN, trimix, helium and argon) efficiently and safely. Minimizing the risks and maintaining a high quality control, CISB intends to be pioneer in the creation of protocols of standard operations, becoming internationally recognized.

Today, in Brazil there is a deficit of excellence in qualifications with specializations in the sector of air medevac rescue on sea and other underwater activities and the intention of the CISB, besides making that these professionals do not look for such qualifications in other countries, is to reverse this scenario, and to bring professionals to train at our facilities.

CISB - perspectiva telhado +piscina REV
CISB Fachada Perspectiva com logos Junho

We can affirm that in order to have an international training center of this greatness, functional and economically feasible, we must prioritize the location of it, since this factor is fundamental for the contribution to the socio-economic development of the city where the project is installed. In this case, the site of implementation of the project in partnership with Angra Airports, will be the airport of Angra dos Reis - RJ.

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Our air-conditioned and acoustically prepared classrooms offer the ideal environment for optimizing the time students are in our facilities, with the intention of acquiring knowledge in a comfort and safety place.


The CISB Auditorium was designed for the capacity of 180 people, offering total accessibility to people with special needs, seeking to enable them to be included in all projects and aiming at the possibility of associating high quality audio-visual with comfort and security for its users.

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The CISB is driven by quality and excellence in the areas of activity, aiming to work with equipment and professionals of high performance. Aiming at the concept of realistic simulation, the CISB will offer a simulator for HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Trainning), BUET (Boat Underwater Escape Trainning) and the most complete simulator for aircraft jumps (for divers and rescue swimmers), training for air crew, (nurses and doctors) and flight crew (pilots and pilots).


The CISB will also offer static platforms of 3 mts; 6 mts and 9 m high for jumping training of rescue swimmers, advanced rescue divers and survival training.

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