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Including Family and Action that Archangelus group takes pride in providing support, it could be just another common family, but it is a family who loves expeditions on board a 4x4.


They seek to know new places, natural places and refuges with limited access to common vehicles, experiencing in family the historical side of each region, exploring new routes and orienting other families of the possibility of living an adventure with total security, having their children as protagonists of their shipments.


What made the Archangelus Group turn its gaze to Family & Action was the fact of this peculiar family, to seek in their travels and adventures a way to contribute socially through acts, attitudes and projects to leave a brick in the foundation of love to the close, so necessary in today's world.


The Family & Action and the Archangelus Group today form's a partnership that moves towards the maintenance of existing social projects, as well as the planning of new and larger social projects.


Follow the Family & Action and wait, soon we will have news:     archangelusgroup, resgate e salvamento

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