Archangelus group begins the pre-selection process for the RERB teams in the state of Rio de Janeiro. We are currently creating a database of professionals to act as: (Click on the area you want and send us your resume and documents). Prediction; totaling 140 job opportunities by the end of 2019.

* Medical Doctor (Aeromedical / Air medevac)


* Medical Doctor (Terrestrial and Maritime)


* Nurse (Aeromedical / Air medevac)


* Nurse (Terrestrial and Maritime)


* Pilot (Rotary Wing Aircraft - AW 139)


* Co-Pilot (Rotary Wing Aircraft - AW 139)


* Support Crew (Aeromedical / Air medevac)


* Rescue Diver (Aeromedical / Air medevac)

* Rescue Diver



* Rescue Swimmer / Surf life saver


* MAC - Auxiliary Deck Sailor


* Driver (Ambulance)


* Receptionist


* Radio Operator

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